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Emitis Group

What do we do

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Our mission

Emitis Group is a commercial company with multiple specialties, located northern Syria, working in of trade – services and public construction as well as various electronic and software services

Because Emitis Group has a distinguished technical and professional staff in all fields, in addition to its ability to achieved the work very systematic way; in term of time, accuracy and quality.

Providing the best services with the best technology in different sectors, to ensure the quality of services in various sectors, as we are believe that the teamwork, which is implement in all projects.

Our Services

Emitis commercial Group works to supply materials for the oil and gas sector throughout working with international agencies and global brands in a professional way that meets the needs of the area, in addition to the various maintenance work for the stations ….

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Emitis commercial Group is distinguished by supplying industrial tools from different countries of the world. In addition to generators – transformers and electric cables, Emirates Group supplies small and different industrial materials, which is similar to be an ….

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we believe in the necessity of saving safe environment, Emitis Group seeks to incorporate the concept of alternative energy in the area throughout integrated solar energy systems, in addition to supply of electrical materials needed for the local market needs….

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A specialist team work in within the Emitis Group to provide various logistical services to the local market and relevant international organizations in the area, in addition to providing transportation – loading and uploading services from different ….

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Emitis Group is distinguished by designing and programming websites through a professional staff working on several electronic platforms such as Joomla- Word Press and Drupal, in addition to design programs, applications and websites in special programming languages …

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Emitis Group is unique in working in real estate development with the testimony of many international institutions and organizations in the area, as the huge staff in this section guarantees the implementation of the best and largest projects, with appropriate….

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