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Emitis Group  is not just brand, yet it is developing since first launching Syrian crisis, it is imitate Syrian reality and developing with it, it satisfied costumers needs in spite of daily chaotic in Syrian life in the shadow of absence of decisions and clear vision for the future of Syria.

12/12/2012 was informal date of starting “Emitis Group” at that time there was not any sign for commercial in the future of the region unless the company did not stop its work on the contrary it seek to serve the agents in different ways, which made it the most dynamic company on the level services in the Kurdish areas of Syria.

“Emitis group” is the company No1 licensed in the city of Derik by self-management government in Al-Jazeera Canton, issued by the Trade and Economy Commission in the Canton, in addition to commercial registration issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce of the central government in Damascus.

Service areas of “Emitis Group” are limited on two mean sections commercial and humanitarian services, both according to the required needs in the region and depending on current living situation.

In the first section, “Emitis Group” it work on the slogans of (Business – Technology and services), where the trade in food and non-food items in the way that satisfied market need, customers, depending on the conditions of the commercial crossings and issuing laws.

Sometimes it import and export food and non-food distribution to major traders, another time to merchants transporting materials on the responsibility of different crossings to the client’s warehouses.

In the technology section, (Emitis Group) providing services technology in the design and programming of Web sites, as well as reserve spaces on the World Wide Web is fast and content across servers located in both Europe and America, as well as other services such as training and following-up and others.

The company also installation and programming of wired and wireless networks within all government institutions, businesses and humanitarian organizations through a cadre of competent and scientifically qualified.

In the service department, the company seeks to provide different services (medical – oil – electric, etc.) according to the needs of different institutions and companies.

The work of (Emitis Group) did not step on commercial services, yet it has contributed and continues to contribute to the provision of humanitarian assistance to many international organizations and help them to consolidate their activities.

(Emitis Group) characterized by continuous improvement from small company consisting of two people – to the main office and various commercial records, expanding to services and start appointing agents in different cities and regions, of Roj Ava and Syria.

“Emitis Group” considered as the Pioneers Company that got on license from the central government in Damascus and the government of Self-Management in Al-Jazeera canton and it has branched and agencies in different Kurdish cities in Syria.

The team of (Emitis Group) work on the slogan (trust and continuous following for servicing customers), which aim to provide the best we can for them via a specialist staff.

Profile of the company:
Company name: Emitis Group
Incorporation date: 12/12/2012
Type of company: partnership
The Departments of the Company as following;
General Trading and include import and export of food and non-food items.
– Communications and technology.
– General Services (oil – Medical – electrical and others) as well as general contracting.
Company’s center: Al-Jazeera Canton / Derik City / Central Market / the Mall of FawazSheikhi.

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